Just Ride. Go for it!

Just Ride. Go for it!

Sometimes life can get a little stale. By the time the weekend rolls around, its  time for a stiff drink, wind in the hair and take a bug to the face. Thats living.

Riding your bike doesn’t have to be a planned out excursion… just get on your bike and ride. Thats what we did.

There’s something about the feeling of being on a motorcycle. You’re in the world. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore.

We picked a squiggly line on the map and went for it! On the back roads of Waikato, right in our backyard we found some new unexplored roads with scenery, gentle sweeps and bends that riders would travel hours for, and it was only minutes from our doorstep.

It doesn’t have to be a long ride to be a fun ride. The most spontaneous rides will lead you to new roads and places.

Have you explored the back roads of your home town?

What hidden gems have you come across on a ride?

Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

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