We are Born from VBS Co. out of passion for all things with a throttle.

We are Born from VBS Co. out of passion for all things with a throttle.

Love, Family and Motorcycles. 

Excerpt from Indent Journal Issue 2 - Available now @ www.indentjournal.com or from VBS Co. 

"In an industrial area, tucked in between multiple storage units and workshops, is a bustling small business specialising in the art of custom motorcycle and hotrod detailing. Ex Taupo and Turangi locals, Wade and Nadia Phillips run their company VBS Co in an obscure location outside of Te Rapa, Hamilton. The classic high school love story of small town boy meets small town girl, though the ups and downs of life they have discovered their passion for work and family life. They are the epitome of cool. When we meet up, Wade is groomed from hair to beard, and perfectly styled with a stiff collar black shirt, slim fit jeans and brown leather boots; Nadia oozes biker chic, with metallic toed black boots and a long sleeve plaid shirt softly silhouetting a simple black dress. They embody their brand - it feels like a sophisticated and well executed play on America Chopper, with a smidgeon of Kat Von D and Sons of Anarchy, but with a twist of kiwi approachability. 

It's a challenging industry but Wade has always had a passion for motorcycles and hotrods. He started his career in Panel and Paint but was never too far from a passion project on the side with a bike or hotrod. Wade got to a point in his career where he wanted to see if he could setup a business based on his passion....

...Like every business opportunities arrise, and an area of unanticipated business has come from specialising in riding gear and accessories for a fashionable and discerning rider. This has become Nadia's own passion project. 

"We had customers and clients that were spending thousands of dollars on these beautiful custom bikes and then they would walk into their workshop with their kids backpacks on; we saw an opportunity to get riders interested in gear that matched their taste in bikes".

Read the rest in Indent Journal or stop in and say hi and check out the workshop and retail store for yourself. 

-- Escape the mundane, because everything changes when your hand touches the throttle ---

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